CARA Thread :
NOSE COG 60 ММ / 2-0 (spine: 19G, 38 ММ)

CARA Thread :
NOSE COG 60 ММ / 2-0 (spine: 19G, 38 ММ)

  • Vendor code: L19E0206
  • Manufacturer: MAS Co
  • Availability: yes
  • Type: Mezoniti

Simple, without surgical intervention, and maximizing the effect with filler.

L-type cannula, multidirectional teeth deployed 360° along the axis, instant lifting effect, skin reinforcement. The thread is fixed.

Advantages of CARA THREAD PDO threads:

Instant visible effect.

The ability to work in different areas of the face and body.

Atraumatic nature of the procedure.

The ability to work with pronounced fibrous changes (blunt-pointed needles).

Complementarity with other methods of aesthetic correction.

High satisfaction with the results of the procedure.

Powerful lifting and long-term fixation of ptosed tissues due to the thread structure.

Strengthening and modeling of the skin due to the reconstruction of the collagen framework.

Rejuvenation and improvement of the skin condition due to blood supply.

CARA THREAD – sterile, 100% biodegradable polydioxanone (PDO) filaments, South Korea. Instant visible result immediately after the introduction of threads. Prolonged lifting result due to the creation of a new collagen framework.

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