A modern company in the field
of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

We are a modern company in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The main strategy of the company is to invest in innovative technologies, reliable anti-age drugs of the latest generation, capable of meeting the individual needs of a modern person. We ask you to consider the commercial offer, as well as to make an appointment for a visual presentation of our company's capabilities.

TLDC TRADE  this is what we believe in, and our philosophy can be summed up in the credo:

Flexibility in Packaging.

Flexibility is also what allows us to operate in close contact with customers, providing added value to your products. 

Flexibility is what allows us to satisfy the specific requests of each of our customers: from product tests on our machines to find optimal solutions together, to designing, assembling and simulating actual packaging lines at our production facilities, a process that leads to an accurate implementation.