My Monster Slime

My Monster Slime

Top quality products for children​

Jump into the Monster World! The best launch for children in 2021. Funny products for the care and protection of children’s skin and hair. Properties and formulations specially designed for them!

Line of products formulated and designed especially for the care of the skin and the hair of children. Kids’ products should be made just for kids, not borrowed from babies or adults. Products designed to make bath time fresh and funny! Composed of 3 essential products for every moment: shower, detangling and hair styling.

Ronster Shampoo. Vegetable proteins are its main ingredients. Nourishes and softens hair thanks to its formula based on vegetable proteins.

Lady Monster Detangler Spray. Conditioner and Detangler with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. Just a few drops will be enough to avoid the hated moment of children’s detangling.

 Gonster Gel. Gel for the wildest hair with glycerin as main ingredient. Provides hold, shine and a natural effect when doing any hairstyle.

Avoid the matted and dry effect of hair without forgetting skin care!